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Explain This!

This sort of thing has happened to me a number of times and it's extremely annoying. 

So this guy had been begging for my number for almost two years on facebook (little did he know all he had to do was open my blog 😏). First were the facebook messages and then a year later instagram DMs. This one time a female friend of mine had called me to say her friend (the same guy) really liked me and wanted my number. That was during my last relationship when the only man that existed in the whole wide world was my man (SMH). So I told her "Nne, no can do!". She even tried to convince me that I would totally love this guy, he's this and that and the best thing since cocacola. I was not listening. 

More recently, he DM'd me to say he was coming to lagos for a weekend and would like to meet. I didn't see his message until the day he left town though. I then decided, for the first time ever to actually check this guy's profile out. I went through his pictures and realized that he's a real hottie, has a very good job, seems very normal, has an active social life and we had some mutual friends whom I'm actually good friends with. In general he seemed like someone I'd really love to get to know. 

I then called one of our mutual friends who's a close friend of mine. I asked him about the guy and he had only wonderful things to say about him. I said okay, bye. And then I waited with baited breath for the guy to send me another DM. 

He did a few days later and this time around I gave him my number and he immediately called me. 

When I heard his voice I turned to warm butter. Jesus! I was like is this what I have been missing since 2015???? πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…

It was a very very brief conversation that went like this;

"Heyyyyyyy finally. Nwando!"

"Haha! Yeah well..."

"How are you though? I'm so happy that I finally get to talk to you. How has your day been?"

"It's been alright, just trying to get home right now"

"Me too. You know what, I'm just rounding up from work. Let me finish up and call you when I'm driving home so we can gist properly. I just needed to call you right now to make sure I wasn't dreaming". 

Hahaha. Hehehe. Hohoho. We both laughed. 

"Cool. I'll be expecting your call", said I. 

It's been two months and three weeks and I'm still expecting his call. I keep checking instagram and he posts often, so I know he wasn't run over on his way home that night. He's still alive and he's still kicking. So what gives?

Why the hell hasn't he called me back???


How can you chase somebody doggedly, consistently, SHAMELESSLY for two years for a phone number, even employ the help of others to get said number. Then you finally get the number and you just decide not to use it. 

What is that??? 

So I can feel that girl's pain. I know her pain! 

Please who can explain this?

Guys, can you help us understand? Is there a reason for this? Do you have a theory? Ladies has this ever happened to you? Pls give us gist.

Ps, in the course of writing this post I decided that I should, maybe, you know, errrrrr..., hmmm, just maybe... Maybe I should call him? 


  1. Call him,life is too short to keep wondering why he didnt call back.

  2. But this is easy now, he found someone (else) in that short space of time, and he doesnt/didnt know how to tell ya. Happens all the time.

    1. Ha! But in my own case could he have found someone between when he closed work and when he went to his car to drive home? 😳😩. Ok, so maybe...

      He hurriedly clicked on send, responding to his last email. He grabbed his bag and made a dash for the door, just before his boss could give him one last assignment. He usually wasn't in a hurry to leave work but today was no usual day, today the girl he had been longing for had finally given him the greenlight. It had been several months since he first saw her on Facebook and ever since then he had done what he could to reach her. Today, at last she responded and sent him her digits. Oh, he spoke to her for a few minutes, a few magical minutes and he could hardly wait to get her back on the phone. He hadn't expected them to click so instantaneously!

      He took long strides and quickened his pace all in a bid to get to his car fast. He wanted to be seated and relaxed in the comfort of the plush leather seat of his car with the air condition blowing right in his face when he called her. But he couldn't help but notice the lady standing a few inches away from from his car. There was something extremely attractive about her, it wasn't just her clear caramel skin or her tiny waist which flared out to perfectly wide hips encased in a red pencil skirt, it was also the distressed look on her otherwise perfect face. She looked like she had been crying. He wanted to ignore her and get to his car and make that phone call, but mama raised a gentleman and his conscience wouldn't let him just walk on by.

      He politely asked her if she was okay and she explained that her car wouldn't start, her mechanic won't be able to come until morning, she'd forgotten her ATM at home and did not have enough cash with her to get a taxi home. Asking further, he realized that she lived just along the way to his house. "I could drop you off at home dear, your street is just along the way to mine" he said. He wasn't expecting her burst of gratitude when she unexpectedly threw her arms around him in a hug "Thank you, thank you! you're a lifesaver!", she cried.

      The hug lasted only a few seconds but that was enough time to feel her warm soft breasts pressed against his chest, enough time to take in her feminine yet extremely heady scent. At that moment he had a faint memory of a phone call he had planned to make but he couldn't quite remember whom he had planned to call.

      The ride home went by too quickly, she was chatty and occasionally made very witty remarks that kept him laughing all through. She took his number with a promise to call him later at night, and she did. It wasn't until the next morning at the office that remembered he had meant to call Nwando back. But at that point that urgency was no longer there, it had been replaced with something else, something much stronger, so much more enticing and exciting. At that point the only person who mattered was the attractive lady with the tiny waist, the crystal clear laugh and the witty comebacks. He picked up his phone to ask her where she would like to have dinner and her reply came almost immediately. That was his favourite place too.

      The End.

    2. Haha! And I just went and wrote a short story. Lol, forgive any typos, it wasn't planned. πŸ™ˆ

    3. lmao, this is another blog post altogether

    4. Lol actually typed a response earlier and lost all of it...but in summary, what I said was that he may have found someone around the time he sent you that DM/gave him your number and he was just being a gentleman and didnt want to be rude....methinks.

    5. Be careful what you wish for, cause you're bound to not want it when you get it (Alleged ancient Chinese proverb). He finally spoke to you and became 'underwhelmed'. Lol. That's all I can say, it happens.

    6. Hahaha. Thelma you won't kill me o. Your short story is on point. Don't call him, move on.
      Let me tell you my own story. I met this guy, he disturbed me for over a year to get my digits. After he got my digits, he disturbed me for weeks to come to his place. I finally come to his place and he talks to me for all of two seconds and then ignore me. I was embarrassed asf. I left after I had repeated that I was bored for the 3rd time and I was severely uncomfortably awkward. He didn't even see me off. For months I wondered what was wrong with me... And then I realise, he's just scum

  3. So this is something I am yet to unravel too. I guess I am as clueless as much of the feminine gender is.......why do ladies post guys (unnecessarily) just to ascertain if he's the real deal?

    Beyond the 'flowery' and 'heavenly' exceptionally romantic short moments, much of a relationship (marriage) is the boring routine life of two adults who have decided to stick out for each other. Posting a guy for an unnecessarily long period of time is just a lady setting herself up. The way I see it (emphasis on my perspective) is that if a guy has to swim through the oceans and climb the mountains to get some decent talk-time with a lady, and later discovers she isn't a mix of the beauty of Beverly Naya + the elegance of Genevieve Nnaji etc.....(which btw, any lady can't be ), he'd feel shortchanged and possibly end up ghosting the lady.

    I reckon a better approach is for a lady to know exactly what she wants in a guy, and if you feel a guy ticks those boxes, why not oblige him some talk time? Talk-time also gives you a "free" opportunity to evaluate your feelings about him too. We put much efforts into our careers, appearance, and other concerns of life, why not this critical life need? Everyone desires to be loved and to love......why make this harder for yourself?

    Perhaps one of the many ideals I admire in my girlfriend is that she didn't post me. She had an idea of what she wanted, likewise I too.....posting was essentially unnecessary.

    Per the guy from 2015, it would have been easier for you to mention to the dude that you write and directed him to your blog. A guy that's interested in a lady (who also happens to write beautifully), would read your articles and eventually find your number. Chrisyinks

    PS: You know what they time like the present.

    1. Thanks for saying I write beautifully😊. But I'm just here really really trying to picture the whatsapp chat between you and bae. Is she also an epistle writer? πŸ™ˆπŸƒ

    2. You welcome.

      lol @ epistle writer......she's more of a caller so I spend long hours on the phone with her. Chrisyinks

  4. Lol..!!!..this happen to me's just so're constantly watching and checking your phone. And your pride won't let you hit that's call button so you just leave it be. Me my mumu self called back like 3 times oga did not answer. He did not even act like he saw it because up till today I don't even have a courtesy call back for the miss calls I left...*covers face in shame*....

    1. Hahaha. It happens. Uncover your face πŸ˜‚

  5. I don't even know where to start laughing from! That poster though! Does she like the guy all of a sudden because he looks rich? In my case I gave the guy the wrong number the first time, he called it and someone else picked up, so when we ran into each other again, he asked for the correct number which I eventually gave him, but he never called back. LOL! But I wasn't even bothered. Thelma please call the guy. I don't know how people like someone and still do the "delay tactic". I don't get it at all. This life is too short oo. Thelma please call him o. On another note, Chrisyinks, so you have a girlfriend? I'm just picturing the two of you together. I still believe you have a kinky side to you.

    1. Errm....but I'm a man.... and I also have emotional needs too. Why shouldn't I grab one of the feminine beauties out there? Yes, beyond all the display of logic, I do have needs best fulfilled by a woman. Chrisyinks

    2. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. ...the way he jumped on my car was romantic '... and 'It's been Two months and three weeks..... had me laughing so hard. So funny.

    I don't remember being in this situation. I think you should call and tease him about it. You go like "so uncle after all the gimme your phone number wahala, you call me once with a promise to call back and nothing?!! In fact you owe me damages. Kindly pay up"......

    Or something along that line. Let's see how it goes from there.

  7. T, i think you should call him. I mean what do you stand to loose? you can just be like; "So this is me waiting for you to get back to me for ages, I thought I should check up on you see if everything is good"... Shikena! whatever is the outcome if He does call back then you can let him be.


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