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On Tithing. Who Deserves To Live in Lekki, Timaya or Your Pastor?

Ok people. 

What boggles my mind most especially is how Daddy Freeze actually fires his shots with very specific biblical backing and not one of these pastors has been able to respond to him in equal measures. All they've done so far is attack his person, call him a divorcee... Matthew Ashimolowo called him a yoyo, a drunk and a woman beater. 

Pastor Adeboye said "know who is talking and I do not want to worry myself about such person. But please do not let anybody get you into trouble by attracting God’s curse to yourself, please pay your tithe.

I have said it before and I will say it again and again, if your physical father curses you, it can be cancelled by your spiritual father, if your spiritual father curses you, it can be cancelled by the general overseer, if your general overseer curses you, you can fast and pray to your father in heaven, but if God curses you, where will you go?"

Freeze has made revered spiritual greats start to act the way Nigerian men do when they hear the word Feminist; threatened and butt hurt, behaving like tantrum throwing 3 year olds.

Wait, their best shots cannot really be mere cheap threats and weak verbal abuse 😳😭. But Apostle Suleiman has taken it a step further. Just yesterday your Apostle Suleiman arbitrarily raised HIS tithe to 30%. His exact words were "I just increased my tithe to 30 percent.. Satan, go and die..."

It seems these "men of God" have themselves become God...


  1. The whole thing just tire me. I have never been a fan of daddy freeze and the way the attacks the church, but lately the response from these pastors show they are threatened and it's putting me off.
    Why not just give use scriptures that will support tithing rather than go defensive and threaten people. If they don't have anything objective to say, then I'd rather they keep quite. Their response is doing more harm than good.
    Personally I believe in tithing cause it's very practical. I observe differences when I tithe and when I don't so nothing is going to stop me from doing so. I do not rely on my pastor's understanding of the Bible but mine through the help of the holy spirit. It's the reason I don't see Christianity as a religion but a way of life. Religion itself is very confusing and God isn't the author of confusion.

  2. I attend a church we don't Tithe but giving is emphasized. The truth is, as Christians we can't escape giving of whatsoever form. We all want the gospel to progress and we want the lives of other members to be better off. I have a lot of Pastor friends and I can tell you that there is a lot of behind the scenes giving to members. They would not loud it that they helped so and so. I however disagree that if you don't Tithe you are cursed. God blesses irrespective of tithe. My thoughts is this, learn to give, whatsoever you call it is your business. The church needs money.

  3. This whole ish has confused the hell out of me. As a worker in RCCG, I am really really confused, and scarily, I find myself leaning more to Freeze's side...mehn I dont know again, I really do not know. Shocked at Ashimolowo's response though. I will say nothing on Adeboye's response. But that ALison guys write-up about a.c and Timaya is just bull.

  4. Really???!!!🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️

  5. For a while, I've tried to remain mute on this issue, but, it's one that keeps rearing its head week-in, week-out. I pay my tithes and I wouldn't stop paying it. While sometimes it has been difficult for me to pay 10% of my earnings to God, I do it because I haven't been convinced otherwise, and even if I do, paying my tithe places God above the monetary concerns of my life - a place I would always like God to be.

    However, while I don't condone some of the inflammatory remarks of Freeze, I see some sense in this revolution he has started. I strongly believe this issue of tithing and resulting rejoinders by some Pastors is less than the surface issue of tithes but more of financial opacity in church dealings - an issue many churches and church-heads would rather not lose.

    With the power that the church in Nigeria wields, and the many Christians (and Christian pastors) we have in influential positions in Nigeria, we would see that many ills besetting Nigeria is a reflection of the ongoing in many Nigerian churches. Simply put, money plays too much of an influential role in churches today. In RCCG, churches (and Pastors) are partially ranked based on tithes, and not as much as I would desire on core spiritual dealings a church is supposed to be tackling. I know this because I was a worker in RCCG and my mother is still a Pastor in RCCG. I dare churches to open their books and accounts to church members and show how much is apportioned for Pastor's upkeep and ancillary expenses and then we'd see which churches would have tithe-paying (and offering-paying) members. Freeze hits at a very important point - the quality of living of many of our Pastors have increased in multiple folds and yet the members who diligently contribute their mites to the church basket still wallow in poverty.

    Repeat customers keep a business afloat. You know the equivalent of repeat customers in a church - Tithes. Offerings aren't fixed but tithes are, thus many pastors know they can expand their portfolios when they see tithes growing (because tithes are an assured contribution every Sunday).

    For a while, and with substantial reason, I've not agreed so much with the person of Apostle Suleiman. First, with the Otobo scandal and how it wasn't conclusively unraveled (like many of the scandals that have besetted many of our acclaimed Pastors), and second, the extreme burnishing of his image in the media with 'good' deeds. His tweet just takes the cake......the Bible teaches that giving should be done in the secret and while some preachers have upped their tithe over 10% and publicized it, they did it from the standpoint of encouraging giving and less reliance on worldly treasures - which is understandable. This tweet reeks of pomposity. When I can easily point out flaws in men of God, it leaves much to be desired on their Pastoral calling. Chrisyinks

    PS: The problem the poster doesn't realize is that Pastors want to enjoy the luxurious life her on earth and still in heaven. While this isn't a mutually exclusive choice, a better path to tow would have been to be a successful entrepreneur. The book of Acts informs us that at a crucial point in the early Christian church, leaders of church chose to be more concerned about the spiritual state of their flocks and less of the day-to-day running of the church (where the money might possibly have been). However in this current dispensation, we have Pastors who seem to be more involved where the money lies....a sad misplacement of priorities.

    1. A billion likes for your comment Chrisyinks

      You have totally summed it up.

      No further words needed.


    2. That feeling when she gives me a billion likes..... *me feeling richer than Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos together*. Appreciate the compliment Gift.

      Thanks J! Chrisyinks

  6. I'm not sure what freeze has been saying but I've not even seen his biblical evidence against tithing, there's none. Several accounts of tithing were documented in the new testament in Luke, matthew etc. Jesus gave parables where He referred to tithing so he was very aware of this. He never came to condemn the law of Moses. However while pointing out the need for tithing, Jesus rebuked also the "pharisees" who paid it in vainglory and neglected the more important virtues of christianity.
    I do believe some of the pastors that have replied can do better with their responses.
    Lastly, with the rise of charlatans posing as preachers nowadays coupled with their overtly opulent lifestyle which vastly contrast to that of their followers, it's only normal for logical minds to raise eyebrows.

    1. Can you give more detailed examples, please along with the scriptural passages?

  7. Oh Chrisyinks, how do you do it! put down my thoughts likei was dictating to you.

    @ Kene, I don't believe Freeze is of the opinion that paying tithes is bad, he just pointed out that it is not an obligation to pay it. If the spirit directs good, if it does not it's equally good. Non payment does not attract any curse from God as a certain GO stated. That is just a fasle statement. As a christian generousity cannot be over emphasised.

    Christ made it clear that a leader is a servant he illustratated by washing the feet of his disciples.

    I dare say that if we remove tithes completely, we will have little or no pastors left. Their "calling" is motivated by financial gain not winning souls for Christ. The quality of what is preached in churches today is reflected in the lives of christians in Nigeria. Money seems to be all and all.

    By their fruits you shall know them. Christians need to open their eyes and read their bibles, fear God and not Pastors. J


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