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#FranklySpeaking: Jungle Justice & The Fallen Witch. WWJD?

As I drove pass Ajip junction this afternoon, I saw a very visibly agitated crowd almost blocking the road. I slowed down and asked a police traffic warden what the matter was and she explained to me that a witch just fell down while flying from a meeting.

I became angry in my spirit. Another Ignorant mob must have snuffed life out of an innocent woman. 

As I expressed my thoughts with some close Christian friends who were subtly endorsing the action, I asked them one question. Will Jesus endorse this sort of jungle  justice?

This malnourished woman was murdered by an ignorant blood thirsty mob. The only sin she committed was that she looked malnourished. Look at the huge stone by her side and you’d see the shape of that stone on her chest. 

Killers of witch, will Jesus do this? I’m a Christian and I think people who did this are in same mould with Boko haram and Killer Herdsmen. 

If you claim she is a witch and you killed her for doing evil, aren’t you worried that her fellow witches will…

Ladies, What Would You Do?

LOL. I honestly don't know what I would do. 
I know almost every guy in this situation would do what his mother says.
But for us women, 
It's complicated. πŸ˜–πŸ˜†πŸ˜΅
What would you do?



Job Tile: AccountantLocation: Port Harcourt Responsibilities:Safe Handling and bank lodgement of cash receipts into the company's bank accounts on a daily basisReceipt and review of goods, received notes (GRN) and invoices to check for any inconsistencies/ variances in price, quantity and specification before recording and forwarding to Head Office for further processing.Effective management of units imprest and retirements.Responsible for administration of Staff lunch funds for the unit and ensure staff satisfaction in this regard.Receipt and review of invoices to check for any inconsistencies/variances in price, quantity and specificationTrace the usage of materials from stock issue (requisition forms) through production (movement sheets) to sales (till print) on a daily basis; reporting any variances noticed.Verification of the records kept by operating units to ensure accuracy and completeness by carrying out spot checks, and stock counts or vouching process documents on a reg…

Debie-Rise, TBoss, Marvis & Bally Nominated for Eviction. Who do You think will Leave on Sunday?

As the end comes closer I'm getting really curious to see what happens in the Big Brother house. At the end of the this week’s nomination rounds, Debie-Rise, TBoss, Marvis, and Efe were up for eviction but Bisola been head of house, switched Bally with Efe, setting him up for eviction and letting she and Efe remain the top finalist for this year’s Big Brother Naija Show (lots of people feel this was an extremely foolish move as Efe is her biggest competition in the house). So people, who do you think will leave the #BBNaija house on Sunday? Make your predictions below! πŸ˜‰


What Will Be Will Be.

This article perfectly articulates my thoughts and the words I was trying to express to @naijasinglegirl days ago when she posted something about being single. Well, read and enjoy:

Ify worked as a branch manager in a very popular bank in the city. At 37 she was single, had no children and lived a very modest life. She spent her time relaxing at home or attending choir practise – she was a devout catholic. Somewhere within her she had just about given up on finding a husband. Every birthday, she would bring in a birthday cake to work and celebrate with her team members who would whisper about her single status. Incidentally most of the team where married. 
Just before her 38th birthday, Ify met this man in church who was an established doctor in the US. He was in the process of opening up a hospital in Lagos as part of his plans to relocate. His father already had a practice and had put pressure on Ike to return home. He stumbled on Ify in church and he was hooked! It is 5 years after m…

Zee: Letter To My Exs' Baes...

Writing to “Nna's New Bae” the other day inspired me to write to others. I’m glad I got to say this, even if they most likely won’t read his, it was liberating for me to just voice them out. So here it goes, this is words from ME TO THE EXS’ BAES AND AN EX BAE.

Dear C, You are an ass of epic proportions!!! I hope you are enjoying being abused daily by the one you left me for. It’s amazing how no one ever calls guys like you, that unapologetically leave women who have loved you and stood by you heartbroken, as you waltz off and marry someone else for money and family name, out for being what you are: Gold-digging Men-Whores!
Anyways, I heard you’re having the time of your life. What life is left of her eroding it, that is. You certainly looked ‘wonderful’ the last time I saw you. Call it schadenfreude or what you will, but since the day I came back to a house I spent my time decorating as part of making plans of building a home with you locked, my stuff packed outside and you, gone of…

An Adulter Adult!

Hey guys. I hope your week is starting out with a bang. 
So I'm currently at The Lagoon School Lekki, Lagos to pick up my little cousin's entrance examination result. I'm being made to wait so I'm sitting down here taking it all in and it makes me wonder about parenthood. 
I'm certainly old enough to have kids in primary school but watching these kids puts some serious panic in me. Like, they're children but they all have lives and personalities of their own. Some are very calm and collected, some are unruly, some are quiet, some are too talkative, some are observant, some are 'miss smarty pants'. They all have voices of their own and some of them seem not to think that your age entitles you to their respect. It's scary. 
I think about having a child, like a prepubescent child, one like the ones I'm watching right now and my heart is racing. I'm wondering, why do people want this???
It's cute when they're babies and toddlers, but these o…

#FranklySpeaking. For Mother's Day; You Girls Rock!

Today, the women ministry of the satellite church where I worship did a choreographed dance for Africa's most popular music, Nico Mbarga's " Sweet Mother".
As I watched the women dance, I began to meditate on the essence of motherhood and my eyes became moist as I reminisced about my mother who passed on in 2004.It wasn't thoughts of anguish or mourning but a sudden realization of the great importance of motherhood to this world .One of the most amazing things about motherhood is how they blend love and discipline together, dishing the two out when necessary .As much as my mother loved me passionately, there has been times when she slapped me and I'd almost convince myself that I was an adopted child.Her favorite bible portion was "withhold not the rod from his back". Kai. I used to wonder if God was watching while people included that portion into the bible . 'Spare the rod and spoil the child'. Rod. Rod! no be even cane, na wao oo.I still r…

Dear Thelma (I Love Him But The Sex Sucks!)

Please post. Mr X and I started dating mid last year but we didn't start having sex until this January when we started planning our wedding. He's a very nice guy, fun, hardworking and comfortable. But the problem is that ever since we started having sex I don't like him as much as I used to. People say size is not everything, that is not about the size of the D but how you use it. But with my fiancΓ© there is no point, he doesn't use it well at all. He does not give me head, he does not do any forplay just to squeeze my boobs for a few minutes and then fiam he has entered me. I love to pleasure my man but he will not let me touch him, he won't let me give him head either, he won't let me explore his erogenous zones or even pleasure him in any way. For instance I know his neck and nipples are sensitive but he won't even let me touch him there, talk less of kissing him there. I find this very frustrating. I'm a very sexual person, I love to enjoy sex and a…


Hi Thelma, looking for someone thats passionate about food and can also do a bit of Computer/admin work so definitely computer literate. She'll be taking breakfast orders online as well as supervising the chef and the job is part-time from about 8am-noon/lunch time and pay is 50k. Please drop your email ad here if interested. Thanks. 

** Posted as a comment but I'm posting here for more visibility. If you've got any vacancy or there's any that you're aware of, also please post in the comment section. Thanks!


BoDI: My Story; I Was Lied To.

For BoDI's previous post read HERE. To continue, read below. 

Nothing hurts more than being lied to. Personally I hate lying and I find it very difficult to lie like seriously. Before you yinmu, I am not saying I don’t lie sometimes but even when I do it doesn’t sit well with my mind at all! I just wanted to clear that first sha. Now back to the matter, like I said earlier, I don’t like lies. 
I am one who comes across as being very knowledgeable on different matters of life. Before getting married I read up on sex. Yes, it’s a very important part of marriage I have discovered not just because I heard people say so but now I know! I have not really being busy in that area and I didn’t want to disappoint my “oga”. Different styles and positions, lingerie,  keeping the man interested etc. for my mind, I was prepared to show my husband that he is in for the enjoyment of a lifetime! I was even contributing in conversations with the guys in my office sometimes on the matter “for my mind”…

MUST READ. Victor Ibeh: Marriages in Nigeria Are Sustained by Women.

Marriages in Nigeria and most parts of Africa are sustained by women. You can argue this with your village deity. Women in general, put up with a lot of bullshit just to make their marriages work. From childhood they have been taught that a wise woman keeps her home. In order to keep their homes, they end up enduring a lot of ill-treatment.  Find any woman who has been with a man for donkey years and ask her if she would love to marry that same man over again in her next life. Majority would say no. This brings us to the point that most marriages are endurance marriages not happy marriages. Unfortunately, we are told that marital success is about duration.  A successful marriage isn’t about duration but happiness. If two people spend five years together, happily and add immense value to each other; if they decide to break up without fighting about it, their marriage can be rated as successful. Spending eternity together in sorrow isn’t the idea of success to me. It is what you do in the…

Chude Jideonwo: How It Came to Be That Goodluck Jonathan is an Option is 2019

I got a lot of panicked responses after my last piece; the panic focused on one small nugget of information buried within it: the fact that, as things stand today, former president Goodluck Jonathan is the strongest candidate that the People’s Democratic Party can present in 2019. So I decided to run slight interference, and do a follow up. What I apparently have taken for granted – not just as a result of insight into Nigeria’s political space cleaned from years of first, activism, then consulting; but also as a result of any number of PESTLE analyses that I have been involved in over the past 10 months – was a surprise to many.It stood out especially for some respondents because my assessment of Jonathan’s presidency has been consistently, unshakably – and remains to this moment – harsh: he was, in my opinion, an ineffectual leader; one whose feckless cost the country greatly in corruption and insecurity at the minimum.But personal desires are one thing, and honest political calculat…